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Healing Wisdom Tooth Surgery

The FaceWrap System is the surgical standard for wisdom tooth recovery and TMJ pain management. Developed and designed by Dr. David Arteaga, the FaceWrap System is thoughtfully engineered to best suit the needs of post-op oral surgery patients. Made with food-grade neoprene, the FaceWrap System is optimally designed to maximize heat insulation, providing optimal thermal transfer to the facial tissue.

The FaceWrap System is designed to conform to the contours of the face, allowing it to more efficiently sooth the affected areas. The FaceWrap System fits men, women and children alike with minimal need for adjustment. By maximizing patient comfort, the FaceWrap System ensures optimal recovery results and patient comfort.

"FaceWrap is neoprene… It insulates… It works better"

Smoothing TMJ Pain & Headaches

FaceWrap System is elegantly engineered to soothe the pain of the TMJ sufferer. The exclusive design places heat/cold specifically where it is needed to calm the myofascial pain. There is maximum thermal transfer to the target tissues with minimal loss. The rapid relief from the relentless pain is soothing.

"Rapid relief from the elegantly engineered Face Wrap"

Face Wrap Systems

Putting the Facewrap On

Putting Facewrap on

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