What is the FaceWrap System?

The FaceWrap System was conceived and developed by Dr. David Arteaga. Dr. Arteaga was unsatisfied with the options available to his patients for hot/cold heat therapy and decided to take matters into his own hands and develop a new system based on comprehensive research and scientifically backed methods.

The system was co-designed by Dr. Arteaga and a mechanical engineer to ensure that it was as ergonomic and functional as possible. The goal was simple, offering patients recovering from facial and oral surgery the best possible pain mitigation tool.

The FaceWrap System is elegantly engineered to combine user comfort and functionality, with the most effective insulate material; food grade neoprene. The result is an intuitive recovery system that facilitates healing and pain relief.

The system is designed as a two-layer heat conduction and insulation system, a thick layer of neoprene covers the outside of the wrap, while a thin layer protects the inside pouch, where the Retherm pack is placed. This allows for maximum heat transfer to the facial tissue, and minimal heat loss.

The FaceWrap System is designed to keep the hot/cold ReTherm packs in an ideal anatomic position, regardless of facial shape or head size. More specifically pockets are created to locate the Retherm packs directly over the masseter muscle, and/or the temporalis muscle. For surface hot or cold therapy to be effective, it has to be placed precisely where needed.

As the FaceWrap System progressed in its capacity for post-surgical recovery, other applications were realized. TMJ causes chronic jaw pain in over 10 million Americans.  and the surgical options for TMJ relief are unfavorable to say the least. The FaceWrap System is extremely effective for managing and alleviating TMJ pain. By utilizing hands-free heat technology, people are able to sooth oral pain, while continuing to live their lives. The FaceWrap System aims to bring healing, recovery, and pain mitigation to you, on your terms. Because this system was designed with the user in mind, we are always eager for feedback and comments about how we can make your experience with the FaceWrap System more better.

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