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Custom Wrap Only $7.25 each (Case 25 wrap)

Custom Wrap Only $7.25 each (Case 25 wrap)


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Case Includes:

  • 25 Wraps
  • Customize with your custom text and logo


FaceWrap is uniquely designed to increase comfort and soothe the healing process. This patent pending, FDA registered device provides cold or heat exactly where it is needed. It improves the healing experience following third molar surgery. It also soothes the pain of our TMJ patients by placing heat/cold directly on the temporalis, and/or masseter muscles. The insulating Neoprene material is unique to FaceWrap. It provides maximum thermal transfer to the target tissues with minimal loss. The adjustable, sleek FaceWrap is simple to put on and comfortable to wear. This increases compliance. When patients really use their cold/heat therapy they get better healing and improved outcomes.

Healing Wisdom Tooth Surgery

“Patients love it… they use it… they heal better, and feel better”


The FaceWrap can be customized for your practice by adding the practice logo in full color. Customizing the FaceWrap system is a powerful way to set your practice apart. Patients will appreciate and be reminded of the exceptional care you gave them.

Please Call for Customization (321) 652-3131.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 in


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