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About Us

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FaceWrap System exists for one reason; to promote healing recovery and reliable pain management for those suffering from jaw pain. As a small family business, FaceWrap System strives to be impeccable in each aspect of our business dealings and patient interaction. We recognize that pain, chronic or post-operative, is debilitating and discouraging. We strive to help people heal and deal with pain naturally and consistently so that they can get back to their lives as quickly as possible.

What We Do

We take the best material for insulation and flexibility and turn it into and adaptable hands-free recovery system, and we do it care and consideration for our customers. We make our products available to oral surgery professionals and individual consumers alike, because we believe that everyone suffering from jaw pain, deserves the surgical standard for recovery. Our reusable neoprene re-therm packs will continue to bring you comfort long after the initial wisdom tooth surgery or jaw pain incident.

We strive to prioritize quality materials, artful engineering and time tested information to craft the ultimate healing experience.

Our Team


Our product is sleek and comfortable so it is actually used, improving outcomes.

Our product is manufactured of Neoprene so it works much better. No other product compares.

The FaceWrap is uniquely anatomically designed to target the hot/cold exactly where it is needed for both optimal wisdom tooth healing and soothing TMJ pain.

The ReTherm packs are made of durable, tough nylon and will last. Again, nothing else compares.

Everything we make can be customized with print and logos to assure the maximum benefit to both patients and providers.

We are really friendly, efficient, and accessible. We think you will love working with us.


My patients love the FaceWrap we give them. The quality and thoughtful design of this product fits will with the high standards I keep in my practice.

Thomas A
Jacksonville, FL